Product-Led Onboarding for the Enterprise!

As Product-Led Growth is rising, a product-led onboarding becomes a data-driven force, driving accounts throughout the customer lifecycle.

Travis Kaufman VP Product Growth at Gainsight, explains why Product data, context of usage, infinite in-app experimentation and ownership is just some of the considerations internal organizations need to consider when striving to optimize onboarding ROI.

What is Product-Led Onboarding? 

Product-Led onboarding (PLO)   is a set of data-driven product engagements that consider users’ behavioral notions and proficiency. As a strategy, it avoids random feature introduction to users.

Instead, it exploits historic data and considers users’ proficiency levels when exploring a product for the first time.  Contextual guidance substitutes its main pillar and enables organizations to double down on product experience and users’ workflow early on. The term was coined by ReinventGrowth in the research publication “The State of Product-Led Experience” in April 2019.

Webinar’s Presentation Contents

  • What organizations need to consider when they onboard end-users at scale
  • Why data-driven engagements, context of usage & experimentation should follow onboarding delivery
  • The Product-Led Growth metrics organizations should be aware of throughout the customer lifecycle
  • How important it is to define onboarding ownership
  • High-touch vs. high-tech onboarding touchpoints optimization
  • Top considerations when internal organizations need to assess onboarding ROI

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