Deliver Value Before the Paywall!

Once an end-user is set up on the product, he expects to seamlessly realize initial value that will make him come back for more. And this has to happen before the paywall.

Living in the “try before you buy era” users expect to taste products’ superpowers prior to any purchase. No matter how unique your solution is, paywalls need to follow rather than lead your “aha moment”. In the opposite case scenario, it will feel like a broken promise on the call-to-action that brought the end-user to you, and he will bounce.

Webinar’s agenda

  • Eliminating barriers to entry, aka why SaaS products need to be “unclocked”
  • Freemium, Free trial or Hybrid?
  • The best practices you need to adopt when delivering a free trial
  • Top considerations you  need to put under the microscope when freemium is the one-way street that needs to be taken

Who should attend

  • Product Managers in charge of product onboarding.
  • Sales or BDR representatives looking forward to streamlining their PQL criteria and reachout.
  • Product Marketers managing GTM messaging, positioning and launches.
  • Any member of your product growth team

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