Product-Led Transformation Workshops for Competitive SaaS Organizations

Learn the steps your organization needs to take when making the transition towards a Product-Led GTM strategy

Product-Led Workshops: Service

Let’s set together the foundation of your Product Led Growth strategy

The transition to a Product Led GTM strategy is a bumpy road for any SaaS organization. Our Product-Led workshops can help you get there by showing which skills your teams need to develop.

Our expertise will:

  • Guide you through Product-Led Growth best practices
  • Show you how each department can capitalize on their impact
  • Create a roadmap of next steps that will smoothen the transition towards a Product-Led GTM model.
Who it May Concern

Organizations seeking to set or excel their Product-Led foundation.

  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Mid-Market Businesses
  • Entrerprise Businesses
What we Deliver
  • Introductory Product-Led transformation sessions
  • Tailored sessions and educational material fitting your organization’s needs
  • Ad-hoc training per department
  • Online or onsite training

High-Level Assessment of the existing GTM strategy pain points

High-level evaluation of the existing GTM tactics to develop an agenda fitting your organization’s current and evolving needs.

Customizable Training Sessions

We deliver training sessions addressing your organization’s challenges with tailored content and exercises. Each session aims to optimize your stakeholders’ existing skills and processes. Our goal is to set the basis of a Product-Led growth framework going forward.

Customizable Agenda

We deliver a tailored agenda meeting your stakeholders’ schedule. Its content may include one to multiple departments seeking ways to overcome current challenges and achieve departmental cross allignment.

Reduced Costs and Better ROI

Our Product-Led trainings enable your internal organizations to boost their ROI by:

  • Balancing their high-touch vs. high-tech approach
  • Finding ways to optimize the self serve sales model
  • Developing common KPIs and benchmarks across the spectrum of your organization
  • Embracing a customer-centric approach by focusing on the insights derived from the product itself.
Next Steps

01. Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discover your challenges and give you the opportunity to learn more about our services. At the end of our call, we will deliver a high-level evaluation of your training needs along with an estimation of the required next steps.

02. Actions & Implementation

During our engagement, we will dive into your internal processes to establish the agenda meeting your business needs. All our workshops are delivered by having in mind your end goals and your solution’s deliverables.