Drive Product-Led Growth by Investing in Data-Driven Onboarding Activations

Scale Activation, Retention & Expansion with Delightful Onboarding Experiences.

Product-Led Onboarding: Service

Transform your product onboarding strategy to a thorough systemic process

First impressions are not enough. Users distraction and complicated workflows make difficult for organizations to sustain engagement levels. Only investment in product data analysis can transform onboarding to a single source of truth when referring to accounts’ growth.

Our expertise will guide you through product-led onboarding best practices and show you how to capitalize on its impact throughout the customer lifecycle. Let us show you how we can turn your onboarding to a data driven force by holding each team accountable on common goals & business KPIs.

Who it May Concern

Organizations seeking to excel product onboarding experiences via the lens of Product-Led practices.

  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Mid-Market Businesses
  • Entrerprise Businesses
What we Deliver
  • A Product-Led onboarding framework fitting your organization’s needs 
  • Detailed analysis of our findings in videos and extensive reports
  • Action plan pinpointing where internal teams need to capitalize on, to boost onboarding ROI 
  • Website & product user testing.
  • Personal guidance & training

Onboarding Strategy Documentation & Assessment

We document and break down the existing onboarding touchpoints to find strengths and weaknesses. Parts of the process entails interviewing key stakeholders and assessing onboarding touchpoints.

Features Value Analysis & PQLs categorization

We dive into your analytics to find:

  • Key features’ value points
  • Revisit users’ segmentation
  • and personas’ targetting criteria to optimize custom reachout and ROI.

Product Onboarding KPIs refinement

Investment in the Product Onboarding Efficiency™ framework. The framework’s structure on a series of product-led growth metrics, allow us to diagnose onboarding activations and estimate their impact on adoption and revenue.

High-Touch vs. High-Tech Optimization

We put to work our Hybrid Onboarding Framework™ to harmonize product engagements & human assisted activations. Let us show you how you can embrace the buyer-vendor relationship and decrease retention & operations costs at the same time.

Time to Value Optimization

Heavy experimentation on trial period optimization always in conjunction with products’ complexity and customer personas’ needs.

UI/UX Assessment

We perform user research on your product and website to discover strengths & bottlenecks. Our research’s features entail:

  • Prototypes and wireframes
  • Navigation and content architecture
  • Marketing and ad creative
  • Pricing models
  • Competitive intelligence
  • New features concepts and ideas

Pricing Optimization

Free trial, freemium or gated pricing. No matter what your product delivery strategy is right now we will show you how to optimize your pricing based on your products’ superpowers.

Ad-hoc Product-Led Training

The transition to a Product-Led Onboarding model is not achieved overnight. This is why we offer ad-hoc training to key stakeholders and internal teams to further embrace the Product-Led realm from the ground up.

Next Steps

01. Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discover your challenges and give you the opportunity to learn more about our services. At the end of our call, we will deliver a high-level evaluation of your onboarding along with an estimation of the required next steps.

02. Actions & Implementation

During our engagement, we will dive into your onboarding and design a tailored Product-Led framework, fitting your product offering. Our extensive analysis and data ingenuity will unlock your growth’s blockage points by focusing on quick fixes and long term wins.

03. Follow up

We understand that the transition to a Product-Led framework is not something achieved overnight. This is why we set a timeline of follow up actions upon onboarding launch and first execution.