Drive Customer Satisfaction & Deliver Tailored Product-Led Experiences at Scale

Transform your Onboarding Strategy

First impressions are not enough. Users’ distraction and complicated workflows make difficult for SaaS organizations to sustain engagement levels. Only investment in product data analysis transforms your onboarding into a single source of truth when referring to accounts’ growth.

Make the transition

Our expertise will guide you through product-led onboarding best practices and enable your organization to capitalize on its impact throughout the customer lifecycle. Let us show you how we can turn your user onboarding strategy to a data-driven force by holding each team accountable on common goals & KPIs.

Why transform?

  • Product engagements are not evaluated on every stage of the funnel.
  • Your organization needs to onboard and train multiple users at scale
  • Customer-facing & product management teams need to establish a common set of metrics to assess product experience.
  • Customer facing depts. need to harmonize high-tech & high-touch activations.
  • Acquisition and retention costs need to be eliminated.

What Else you Need to Know

Who Does it Concern

  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Mid-Market Businesses
  • Enterprise Businesses

What we Deliver

  • A tailored Product-Led onboarding framework fitting your organization’s growing needs.
  • Detailed analysis of our findings on videos and extensive reports
  • 6 months action plan showcasing how to boost onboarding ROI
  • UI & UX testing
  • Personal guidance & Product-Led training


  • Onboarding Strategy Documentation & Assessment
  • Features Value Analysis & PQLs categorization
  • Product Onboarding KPIs refinement
  • High-Touch vs. High-Tech Optimization
  • Time to Value Optimization
  • UI/UX Assessment
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Ad-hoc Product-Led Training

“We increased our onboarding conversions by 25% within a month”

Lindsey AllardCEO, Playbook UX

Next Steps

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