Make the Transition. Achieve Internal Allignment.

Accelerate Product-Led Growth.

Product-Led Growth Workshops

We understand the unique challenges and frustrations Product-Led Growth practices entail. This is why we have launched a series of PLG & Product-Led Onboarding Workshops, fitting modern SaaS businesses needs.

Make the transition

The transition to a Product Led Growth GTM strategy is a bumpy road for organizations having to align multiple departments. Our Product-Led Growth training can help you achieve cross-alignment and map down the steps you need to take when making the transition.

You need to conduct an onboarding Audit when:

  • You try to make the transition to a Product-Led Growth model but struggling to align internal teams.
  • Your organization needs a business framework that will assess each team’s impact throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Internal organizations experience confusion when trying to assess product experience ROI.
  • You need to learn how a Product-Led Growth model can increase business revenue and decrease CAC & retention costs.

What Else you Need to Know

Who Does it Concern

  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Mid-Market Businesses
  • Enterprise Businesses

What we Deliver

  • A Training Model Fitting your Current GTM Activations & Future PLG Aspirations.
  • Product-Led Onboarding training fitting your organization’s needs.
  • A set of tailored exercises enabling you to assess your GTM & Onboarding strategy.
  • One on one & one to many Product-Led Growth consultations.


  • Sessions Reflecting on Existing GTM & Onboarding Strategy’s Pain Points
  • A Product-Led Growth Framework to Achieve Internal Cross Allignment
  • Tailored Agenda Meeting Internal Stakeholders’ Schedhule
  • A Series of PLG Methodologies Embracing the delivery of a Customer-Centric business strategy.

“The PLG trainings helped us streamline our GTM practices end-t0-end.”

Juhan KaarmaCo founder, Chatcreate

Next Steps

Dare to Make the Product-Led Transition