Product-Led Delivery Audit

In the era of narrow attention span and immensive competition surge, we analyze SaaS product delivery tactics, messages and touchpoints to suggest improvements, optimize Product-Led GTM strategy & help fast-paced SaaS organizations reach their business goals.

The Service

The transition to Product-Led GTM practices,  products’ complexity, and the increasing customer demands bring misalignment and confusion across departments.  Our industry expertise enables us to evaluate even the most complex product delivery structures’ and laser focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

We understand the unique challenges and frustrations organizations are facing today and we have launched a comprehensive Product-Led audit as a service, fitting the needs of today’s fast-paced SaaS businesses.  

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Who it may concern
Small-Medium Businesses, Mid-Market and Enterprise organizations seeking to excel product delivery via the lens of Product-Led practices.
What we can help you achieve
  • Customer Touchpoints Optimization
  • Learning Curve Refinement
  • GTM Practices Alignment
  • Onboarding Excellence

The Framework

While you operate, we go deeper to mine valuable findings!

Product Analytics Assesment

We evaluate the adopted product experience toolset and estimate the quality of data derived. At the end of our analysis, we deliver an extensive report showcasing the exact outcomes the current product analytics deliver and further optimization suggestions.

Product Delivery Mapping

Unlike the usual onboarding audits, we break down experiences delivered on every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our analysis entails a thorough evaluation of the existing customer touchpoints and extensive breakdown of the scalable product engagements delivered.

Learning Curve Overview

We estimate onboarding effectiveness, duration & key messages delivery in conjunction with key features complexity. This stage aims to give you a full overview of the learning curve flow along with targeted suggestions regarding conversion rates optimization and users’ proficiency.

GTM Practices Evaluation

We understand the complexities and challenges cross alignment brings within teams. We thoroughly evaluate the existing internal procedures to help your organization master product delivery. At the end of our analysis, we present the barriers to entry, preventing accounts growth & long term prosperity.

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