Product-Led GTM Audit

The future is Product-Led. Are you still favoring the old ways?

Optimize your Go To Market Strategy. Achieve internal alignment. Make the transition.

The Service

Transform your organization to a Product-Led Growth engine.

The industry’s transition to Product-Led GTM practices, products’ complexity, and customer demands bring misalignment and confusion across departments. Our industry expertise enables us to assess existing GTM tactics and map their strengths and weaknesses.

We understand the unique challenges and frustrations SaaS organizations are facing. This is why we have launched a comprehensive Product-Led GTM audit, fitting SaaS organizations needs.

Who it May Concern

Organizations seeking to make the transition to a Product-Led GTM model.

  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Mid-Market Businesses
  • Entrerprise Businesses
What we Deliver
  • A thorough evaluation of your current GTM practices.
  • Product-Led GTM action plan fitting your organization’s needs. 
  • A set of business & product KPIs to assess your Product-Led GTM strategy.
  • Personal guidance & training.

Go-To-Market Practices Mapping & Optimization

We understand the complexities existing GTM tactics and unsuccessful cross alignment bring within teams. We thoroughly map go-to-market practices, run interviews and assess internal procedures to ease the transition towards a Product-Led GTM model.

Learning Curve Overview

We estimate onboarding effectiveness, duration & messages in conjunction with key features complexity. This stage aims to give a full overview of the learning curve along with targeted optimization suggestions about:

  • Conversion & retention rates 
  • High tech & High Touch activations

UI/UX Assessment

We perform user research on your product and website to discover strengths & bottlenecks. Our research’s features entail:

  • Prototypes and wireframes
  • Navigation and content architecture
  • Marketing and ad creative
  • Pricing models
  • Competitive intelligence
  • New features concepts and ideas

Pricing Optimization

Free trial, freemium or gated pricing. No matter what your product delivery strategy is right now we will show you how to optimize your pricing based on your products’ superpowers.

Technology Stack Assessment

We assess the value points your existing product experience stack delivers. Following that, we suggest required additions and optimization techniques, that will scale your product-led growth.

Product-Led Maturity Assessment

We thoroughly evaluate your organization’s maturity towards a Product-Led model. We go through internal teams practices to estimate their impact and assess internal cross alignment. At the end of our analysis we deliver thorough recommendations on the actions you need to take, when making the transition to a Product-Led GTM model.

Ad-hoc Product-Led Training

The transition to a Product-Led Onboarding model is not achieved overnight. This is why we offer ad-hoc training to key stakeholders and internal teams to further embrace the Product-Led realm from the ground up.

Next Steps

01. Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discover your challenges and give you the opportunity to learn more about our services. At the end of our call, we will deliver a high-level evaluation of your GTM practices along with an estimation of the required next steps.

02. Actions & Implementation

During our engagement, we will dive into your current GTM strategy and conduct an end-to-end evaluation. Our analysis aims to guide your transition to a Product-Led GTM model and present all the opportunities and challenges to get there.

03. Follow up

We understand that the transition to a Product-Led GTM model is painful and challenging. This is why we set a timeline of follow up actions to offer further guidance and insights.