The delivery of stellar product-led product experiences is not optional anymore. It is the one competitive advantage following succesful SaaS organizations. Even more, it is now expected across the spectrum.  IT consumerization and customer demands only embrace that outcome. This is why we embarked on a mission to map product experience practices in the SaaS landscape.

To achieve that we surveyed 40 SaaS organizations and interviewed 50 executives who own or lead GTM practices. The goal of our effort is to showcase via real-world examples, how Product-Led techniques affect the customer journey. We believe that our data analysis will enable organizations optimize product delivery. Our commitment is to help reshape the SaaS growth mindset via the lens of Product Led practices. The survey’s results guide those efforts, and this extensive report will reflect on them.


  • The State of Product-Led Growth: Introduction and analysis of Product-Led growth pillars, challenges, and limitations.
  • Product-Led Experience (PLX) ™: Introduction of the PLX term- direct outcome of PLG activations and how its impact on fundamental elements of a Product-Led growth strategy.
  • Product-Led Onboarding: Introduction of a remodeled onboarding definition, direct outcome of practices adopted by leading Product-Led organizations.
  • Onboarding Strategy Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of 50 Customer Success & Self-Serve Onboarding strategies.
  • Product-Led Activation: Definition and analysis of Product-Led Activation in a self-serve and a human-assisted strategy.
  • Product-Led Growth KPIs & Analysis: Over 200+ Product-Led Growth and Product-Led experience KPIs & benchmarks

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