DATE: DECEMBER 17, 2019 | 14:00 PM EST

Product-Led Onboarding for the Enterprise!

As Product-Led Growth is rising, onboarding prevalence becomes a data-driven force, driving accounts down the customer lifecycle.

Travis Kaufman VP Product Growth at Gainsight, will explain why Product data, context of usage, infinite in-app experimentation and ownership is just some of the considerations internal organizations need to consider when striving to optimize onboarding ROI.

Webinar’s agenda

  • What organizations need to consider when they onboard end-users at scale
  • Why data-driven engagements, context of usage & experimentation should follow onboarding delivery
  • The Product-Led Growth metrics organizations should be aware of throughout the customer lifecycle
  • How important it is to define onboarding ownership
  • High-touch vs. high-tech onboarding touchpoints optimization
  • Top considerations when internal organizations need to assess onboarding ROI

Who should attend

  • Product Managers in charge of product onboarding.
  • Sales or BDR representatives looking forward to streamlining their PQL criteria and reachout.
  • Product Marketers managing GTM messaging, positioning and launches.
  • Any member of your product growth team
product-led onboarding for the enterprise