Product Marketing Alliance created the ultimate tech stack directory to help product marketers choose tools with confidence. The team handpicked the three favorite product marketing tools from more than 600 industry specialists working one: 

Google, HubSpot, Microsoft, Adobe, Slack, Mailchimp, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Dropbox, Lastpass, Zoom, Atlassian, Salesforce, Splunk, Veeva, Box, AWS, GSuite, Cisco, Oracle, GitHub, Twilio, Zuora, AdRoll, Marketo, New Relic, Tableau, Act-On, Anaplan, Drift, Mulesoft  and more.

<img src="product-led-organizations-toolstack.png" alt="product-led organizations toolstack"/>This post is a direct abstract from the Product Marketing Tools of Choice report and it showcases the best Product-Led Onboarding and messaging tools that were unraveled. Always with the hope that your teams can use them when striving to increase adoption and retention rates. 

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Messaging & Onboarding Toolstack 

I don’t want to help our customers use our products more efficiently and have a better experience with us,” – said no product marketer, ever. Down the road or across the world, messaging tools provide the means to be by your customer and prospects’ side every step of the journey and that can only make your efforts more effective and job easier.


Intercom is the communication giant. Their chatbot and live chat features help qualify more leads, their targeted messages help onboard and activate more customers, and their inbox automation and self-service support ensure personalization’s on tap at scale.

“With so many integrations and customization options, Intercom is our go-to customer portal. As a PMM, I use it to keep track of who left what on NPS and review sites. I also use information from customer conversations I’ve had here to send feature requests to our product team.” – Lisa Kalner Williams, Product Marketing Director at Agorapulse


WalkMe detangles SaaS platforms so users can confidently glide through their journey and your people can stay productive. How? By automating repetitive tasks, workflows and chatbots, guiding customers through your product – step-by-step, contextually presenting users with relevant content based on things like their location, time, system and predicted behaviour, and serving you with the info needed to drive future transformations – like which parts of your product are and aren’t being used.


If you’re looking for a way to create and schedule things like news, updates and special offers, then Beamer could well be your tool. Beamer works as an embeddable widget or standalone page, accommodates text, images, videos, and gifs, comes with lots of segmentation options (like industry, location, and behavior), and sends push notifications even if someone’s not on your site. Sold? Well, it doesn’t stop there. You can also get feedback, analyze your results, customize your designs and integrate it with other apps.

One of the main reasons we chose Beamer is because they support a multi-lingual approach which is key to our go-to-market strategy, and we are now able to show our product advancement way better to our users. They don’t feel like we’re in a standstill anymore, it helps to create a better adoption of new features and we’re currently seeing an increase in NPS and customer happiness again – not all of that can be directly linked to the implementation of Beamer of course, but it’s one of the reasons for sure.” – Benny Waelput, Product Marketing Manager at Teamleader


UserIQ helps you get under the skin of how your customers think to increase revenue, decrease churn, and drive continual improvement. On-demand, virtual guided tours, segmented usage data and real-time customer feedback tools are just a snapshot of what it’s got to address all three.


Hmm, where to start. It’s impossible to cover it all, but here’s a very high-level overview of some of HubSpot’s most popular features:

  • Marketing: create landing pages, personalized paths, SEO-optimised content strategies, and drag-and-drop your way to smart and responsive templates.
  • Sales: automate email campaigns and follow-ups, track deal statuses, and connect with your market via live chat.
  • Service: bring all your communication channels together (inbox, live chat, forms, Facebook and more) and create and monitor tickets.

Hubspot has totally transformed the way we do marketing. Previously, we used specific specialist tools for each activity and we would then have a painfully manual process trying to tie the data together to take learnings. Now with Hubspot as our central marketing system, we can quickly get insight on both the performance of a campaign and how it compares against other campaigns – all from one system.” – Rebecca Taylor, Product Marketing Manager at GatherContent


Pendo’s packed with tools to improve product adoption, customer loyalty and team innovation. Its analytics feature provides insights into what users are doing throughout their journey, its surveys capture how they feel about their experience, its in-app walkthroughs and messages encourage engagement, and its feedback tool helps prioritize future releases.

After using Pendo to design in-app support for existing users and immediate onboarding for new ones, we saw a steep increase in engagement and retention that translated into direct earnings since our customers paid us by user engagement.” – Tom Heys, Go-To-Market Consultant

Gainsight PX

Gainsight PX is a Product Experience Platform that provides the tools needed to get a deeper understanding of user behavior, drive product adoption and collect feedback. It achieves this by tracking users’ every movement (like clicks, logins, and email opens), identifying where people fall off critical tasks, guiding inactive users back to your product via email, and so much more. It’s also got some great Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer Data and Revenue Optimisation products. 


Whatfix helps your users work their way around your product self-sufficiently and you deliver great customer experiences with less manual input. It lets you build step-by-step walkthroughs with zero coding, create segments, set-up condition-based walkthroughs, auto-generate various content types (like PDFs, videos and slideshows), schedule alerts and announcements, and analyze how people use your product.


Appcues is a product-led growth platform and companies who use it have seen some pretty remarkable feature adoption, user retention and campaign response results. Within the tool you can set-up personalized onboarding experiences, collect actionable insights (like NPS scores and qualitative feedback), deliver in-product announcements and provide on-demand customer support.

We’re new to AppCues and we’re loving the journey so far. We are currently using AppCues on a couple of our custom web applications with the objective of driving new product and feature adoption and tracking some basic metrics. It’s intuitive to use and comes with the support of an excellent account and customer success team so you don’t feel alone in the in-app notification journeys. Now, creating welcome flows and in-app guides are as easy as dragging and dropping a module on the relevant page and hitting that ‘publish’ button. We love it.” – Angela Catalan, Director of Product Marketing at Nearmap


With surveys, tooltips, tours and launchers, Chameleon improves product funnels by reaching out to the right people (with segmentation), at the right time (via triggers), in the right place. 

Help Scout 

Help Scout was designed to deliver great customer experiences and from messaging to reporting it’s packed with lots of features that do just that. Here are just a few: 

  • Send messages on things like announcements, onboarding info and product feedback from any website, store, blog or app. 
  • Reduce customer support volume with the Docs editor, where anyone can submit helpful content. 
  • Store conversations and activity from all your apps in one place so you’ve always got the full picture of every account.


Not into coding? Not a problem. Drift lets you build custom chatbot flows in minutes with no need for any coding, all so you can create personalized sales conversations and generate more qualified leads. Drift’s top tier for “conversational marketing” – i.e. chat. It has loads of options even at low tiers and having used it for years I’ve seen the growth. 

“Success requires a Sales team that’s excited about chat (you may have to pilot it first as an inbound tool) and I’d recommend working early on the routing rules to ensure visitors get a timely response and figuring out tagging so you can report on who’s chatting.” – Alec Pinkham, Director of Product Marketing at AppNeta

Tools you should also consider:


Uselane enables organizations to have a unique and intuitive software adoption solution and helps them explain digital processes that live in the software without documentation or video tutorials With Userlane, you can create step-by-step, interactive guides to explain any browser-based software to each user individually. Userlane leads every user in real-time through processes and shows them what to do next to achieve their goals in software applications. Automate and scale user onboarding and training to maximize software adoption with the most agile and effective digital adoption platform.


Userpilot helps product, UX and customer success teams increase user adoption through behavior-driven product experiences. Build beautiful, personalized and highly customizable experiences on top of your product to pave the way to Aha!. Quickly improve onboarding for new signups, trigger interactive tips when it’s relevant and help users understand the value, all without writing any code. Userpilot also helps you Increase user retention, and stimulate feature discovery as your product evolves.


UserGuiding helps companies to improve product adoption by designing interactive user onboarding flows. Non-technical people can create step by step product walkthroughs, without any coding. UserGuiding also provides analytics to track the performance of the tours, segmentation to create more personalized experiences, NPS for capturing feedback, and onboarding checklists for a wholesome onboarding experience. From Red Ventures to Young Capital, thousands of companies trust UserGuiding.


WalkMe takes employee training to the next level with a platform powered by AI and contextual awareness. WalkMe’s transparent overlay drive users to action, with in-app step-by-step guidance and strategically placed content delivered at the moment of need. it also gives you a view into your employees’ software usage, where they struggle, what features are underutilized, and where inefficiency exists. WalkMe is used by 2,000 enterprises globally, including over 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies.


Ziplyne‘s power-users are often customer experience managers and internal business application administrators (eg, Salesforce Administrator) but our total user-base is eclectic and wide-ranging. Whether it’s guiding new users through the finer features of your product or maximizing efficiency of employees utilizing your internal business applications (e.g. Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics), Ziplyne is the one-stop solution for your Support, Onboarding, Adoption, and Retention.

Source: Capterra 

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