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Product-Led Growth Research

Product experience is not a radical new idea. When delivering a Product Led Growth strategy, it is the one-way street leading to hypergrowth.


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Product-Led Research Scope

The delivery of stellar product experiences is not optional anymore. It is the one competitive advantage following succesful SaaS organizations. Even more, it is now expected across the spectrum.  IT consumerization and customer demands only embrace that outcome. This is why we embarked on a mission to map product experience practices in the SaaS landscape. To achieve that we surveyed 40 SaaS organizations and interviewed 50 executives who own or lead GTM practices. The goal of our effort is to showcase via real-world examples, how Product-Led techniques affect the customer journey. We believe that our data analysis will enable organizations optimize product delivery. Our commitment is to help reshape the SaaS growth mindset via the lens of Product Led practices. The survey’s results guide those efforts, and this extensive report will reflect on them.

What's Inside

Product-Led Onboarding

Introduction of a remodeled onboarding definition. The strategy constitutes a direct outcome of practices adopted by leading SaaS organizations.

Product-Led Experience Assessment

Introduction & analysis of product metrics, SaaS organizations can consider when assessing product experience

Product-Led Metrics

Extensive analysis of 200 key performance indicators & data

Onboarding Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of 40 Human Assisted & Self-Serve Onboarding strategies.

Product-Led Activation

Definition and analysis of Product-Led Activation in a self-serve and human-assisted strategy.


Thorough recommendations to optimize and scale Go-To-Market tactics.
The State of Product-Led Experience: Research Overview

Product Managers




Growth Managers




50 Interviewees

Most executives surveyed (48%) were Product and Customer Success Managers. While Growth Managers (24%) and SaaS Founders (20%) were also considered. We interviewed participants on their responsibilities, organizational structure, and adopted Product Led techniques.

Research Overview

Human-Assisted Onboarding


Self Serve Onboarding


40 SaaS Onboarding Strategies were explored examining both a self-serve or human assisted approach.

Small Medium Businesses


Mid Market




All three main industry segments were surveyed

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They Said about our Research

ReinventGrowth's research is a must-read for any B2B subscription-based organization exploring a Product-led go to market strategy.

Travis KaufmanVP Product Growth at Gainsight

Product and Customer Success are ever more interlinked these days, and for me fully dependent on each other. The drive towards this is reflected in this extensive research, and only helps to support the need for SaaS companies to be even more Product led in finding the best ways to support companies in their business outcomes.

Peter SterkenburgHead of Customer Success, Leadfeeder

Comprehensive research, unique insights. A must-read for any SaaS currently being in the Product-Led transformation stage.

Guillaume MoubecheFounder, Lemlist

When considering digital adoption of your product, one of the larger and important challenges to overcome is developing an understanding of what your customers value in the product, and what experiences expose this value to the customer. ReinventGrowth's research furthers key aspects for determining the most optimal product experience, and it provides actionable insights to businesses ready to make the transition to product led.

Nick BonfiglioCEO/Founder of Syncari and former CEO/Founder of Aptrinsic (Gainsight PX)

The research's content and questions made me rethink the PLG model. The unique results & benchmarks constitute the absolute Product-Led GTM guide evaluating SaaS organizations' performance and growth.

Aazar Ali ShadCo-Founder, Userpilot

In total more than 40 leading saas organizations like: Hubspot, Intercom, Drift, Segment, Wistia, Userlane, Gainsight, Pendo, Bynder, Amplitude, Clearbit, Leadfeeder, Prodpad, Close, Typeform, Chargebee, Appcues, Lemlist, Yesware, Traveleperk, Filestage and Vidyard were examined, on every aspect of their Product-Led Growth strategy.


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