We welcome the new year with brand new Product-Led Growth Resources & Events.

PLG Webinars

  • LIVE WEBINAR | DATE: JANUARY 16, 2020 | 14:00 PM EST
    UX RESEARCH FUNDAMENTALS: As Product-Led Growth is rising, user experience & feedback are becoming all the more important. Lindsey Allard from PlaybookUX explains to us, why UX research hones into the fundamentals of a customer-centric approach and what organizations should do to deliver stellar user experiences. Claim your spot.
  • LIVE WEBINAR | DATE: JANUARY 21, 2020 | 12:00 PM EST
    PRODUCT-LED GROWTH FROM EXPERIENCES TO ALLIANCES: In our upcoming Product-Led Growth webinar Gayle Doud, Product-Lead and Chase Doelling, Director of Strategic Alliances at Jumpcloud, will dive into the pillars & best practices of their PLG Framework. Claim your spot

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Product-Led Growth Conference | 01/31/2020 Athens, Greece

We are only a few weeks away from the PLG Conference which will feature both local and international speakers that will share global best practices & case studies to help your organization make the Product-Led transition.

Are you ready to become Product-Led?

<img src="product-led-growth-conference.png" alt="product-led growth conference"/>Product-Led Growth Conference Key Themes

  • Product-Led Transformation: What changes Product-Led Growth brings on the table? How those changes affect customer experience? Which internal practices and deliverables need to be reconsidered? This section analyzes how the Product-Led era affects internal and GTM practices.
  • Customer Feedback: When adopting a customer-centric approach the ongoing collection of customer feedback is imperative. This section dives into what feedback organizations should collect and the KPIs that should be monitored.
  • Product Strategy: Overarching practices and frameworks Product Management should employ when delivering a Product-Led GTM strategy.

PLG Studies

<img src="product-led-growth-study-wistia.png " alt="product-led-growth study wistia"/>

  • What Wistia’s Onboarding Can Teach Us About Product-Led Growth: Serving over 300,000 customers globally, Wistia is rightfully among the leaders in the video services industry. Its product-led mission entails the delivery of customer-centric experiences and products that are simple and elegant to use. Read more

<img src="product-led-growth-study-hubspot.png " alt="product-led-growth study hubspot"/>

  • A Behind The Scene View Of Hubspot’s Product-Led Onboarding (PLO): This 9K words long Product-Led Growth study proves that Product-Led Onboarding (PLO) practices are already in effect. As a matter of fact, product-led driven organizations like Hubspot contributed a lot, on the formulation of the PLO term as we know it. Claim your free copy

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