Product-Led Growth Conference: “Making sense of user feedback“

In this Product-Led Growth conference session Emma Hill explored different approaches to gathering feedback, both qualitative & quantitative and how to translate that into useful ideas for your products. Attendees left with the tools reequired to create their own product-driven user research framework.

About the Speaker

Emma Sephton is Customer Success Manager at ProdPad and loves talking with different organizations about their approach to product management. Previously, Emma managed education projects at The University of Warwick, including a large scale capacity-building project with a university in Kazakhstan. While in this role, she loved the way technology could enhance learning experiences, and so transitioned into learning technology, initially as a Project Manager, then becoming the first Product Manager in the business, implementing product processes. Emma is also a serial meetup organiser, being co-founder and co-organiser of both ProductTank Oxford and Customer Success Cafe Oxford.

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Despina Exadaktylou

Despina Exadaktylou

Experienced Product-Led Growth consultant and founder of ReinventGrowth, enabling SaaS businesses to implement & scale their Product-Led Growth strategies.

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