Product-Led Growth Conference: “Prioritizing Customer Requests in regards to Product Vision“

Creating a solid roadmap is usually strategic and towards the common Product Vision, but it hides the pain of prioritization. What happens when you have special customer requests needed to be done fast enough to please your customers? Do you stick to the roadmap? Do you implement all the requests? If yes, how fast? The solution can be found somewhere in the middle.

In this Product-Led Growth conference session, Ioannis Papikas presented the challenges of getting customer feedback and implementing requests and how in e-satisfaction prioritises them daily, weekly and strategically on its roadmap but also sustains a stable product vision, with simple course corrections along the way.

About the Speaker

Ioannis is a Senior Product Manager at e-satisfaction in Athens, working on Customer Satisfaction and Personalised Marketing Automations. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, got his MSc in Computer Science in 2010. With extra Technical and Scrum knowledge, having worked with multiple Products in UK, Germany and in Greece ignited the interest for more Product-oriented research and experimentation, combining Agile and Scrum as the process of building better products that people need.

Since 2017, he is working as a Senior Product Manager at e-satisfaction in Athens, building a Personalised Marketing Automation engine based on Customer Experience. He is currently responsible for the development and growth of the Product to meet the fast-expanding market opportunities locally and globally. Still a developer at heart, contributes to open-source projects every now and then.

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