Product-Led Growth Conference

Friday, 31 January 2020 • Athens

Make the transition

Product-Led Growth is the future of SaaS. Learn how to deliver stellar product experiences, that will make your users keep coming back for more. The Product Led Growth Conference, featuring both local and international speakers, will share global best practices, case studies and goal-oriented approaches to help your organization make the Product-Led transition.

The Conference

What drives Customer Experience? How is possible for product teams to build and deliver products customers love? How can internal teams make the product their main growth lever that will help them anticipate customers’ needs?

The Product-Led Growth Conference is one of the first European conferences, addressing a competing set of strategies organizations can adopt when making the transition to a Product-Led GTM (go-to-market) model.

Its agenda will explore all the aspects affecting customer experience and how the product itself can become the main growth lever. The event is a unique opportunity to engage with remarkable product-driven practitioners across Europe and learn firsthand the best practices around Product-Led Growth.

Key Themes

Product-Led Transformation

What changes Product-Led Growth brings on the table? How those changes affect customer experience? Which internal practices and deliverables need to be reconsidered? This section analyzes how the Product-Led era affects internal and GTM practices.

Customer Feedback

When adopting a customer-centric approach the ongoing collection of customer feedback is imperative. This section dives into what feedback organizations should collect and the KPIs that should be monitored.

Product Strategy

Overarching practices and frameworks Product Management should employ when delivering a Product-Led GTM strategy.

Why Attend

  • Regroup: Learn how to reorganize your company around your product & discover solutions facilitating growth in fast-moving markets.
  • Evolve: Develop a customer-centric approach derived directly from your product’s insights & feedback
  • Learn: We unite the best Product-Led practitioners to educate you on the challenges, opportunities & latest trends of Product (Led) Growth strategies.
  • Connect: Meet with product obsessed practitioners around the globe and create valuable relationships.


This conference is for everyone that is involved with product (led) delivery and customer experience. From passionate product leaders, product designers and engineers, to Customer Success & Product Marketing Managers, CEOs and Professional services. In addition, digital agencies overlooking their customers’ GTM strategy can learn how to streamline their practices and deliverables to maximize impact and ROI.

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