Product-Led Growth Conference

Friday, 31 January 2020 • Athens

Make the transition

Product-Led Growth is the future of SaaS. Learn how to deliver stellar product experiences, that will make your users keep coming back for more. The Product Led Growth Conference, featured both local and international speakers and shared global best practices, case studies & goal-oriented approaches to help organizations make the Product-Led transition.

Thank you for attending the 1st Product-Led Growth Conference. See you next year!

Topics Explored

The Conference

What drives Customer Experience? How is possible for product teams to build and deliver products customers love? How can internal teams make the product their main growth lever that will help them anticipate customers’ needs?

The Product-Led Growth Conference is one of the first European conferences, addressing a competing set of strategies organizations can adopt when making the transition to a Product-Led GTM (go-to-market) model.

Its agenda will explore all the aspects affecting customer experience and how the product itself can become the main growth lever. The event is a unique opportunity to engage with remarkable product-driven practitioners across Europe and learn firsthand the best practices around Product-Led Growth.

Key Themes

Product-Led Transformation

What changes Product-Led Growth brings on the table? How those changes affect customer experience? Which internal practices and deliverables need to be reconsidered? This section analyzes how the Product-Led era affects internal and GTM practices.

Customer Feedback

When adopting a customer-centric approach the ongoing collection of customer feedback is imperative. This section dives into what feedback organizations should collect and the KPIs that should be monitored.

Product Strategy

Overarching practices and frameworks Product Management should employ when delivering a Product-Led GTM strategy.

Meet the Speakers

Despina Exadaktylou | ReinventGrowth

Session: Product-Led Onboarding, the key to unlocking PLG

Travis Kaufman | Gainsight

Session: Product-Led Growth for the Enterprise

Kajetan Uhlig | Userlane

Session: Product Strategy for PLG organizations

Adam Joseph | Gainsight

Session: The Product-Driven Customer Success Manager

Emma (Sephton) Hill | Prodpad

Session: Tapping into your market: Making sense of user feedback

Ioannis Papikas | E-Satisfaction

Session: Prioritizing Customer Requests in regards to Product Vision

Georgia Tsiamanta | Balena

Session: The Customer Support perspective on product development

Marilena Manatou | Project Agora

Session: Breaking down silos to make Product-Led Growth an intentional effort

Sam Richard | Openview

Session: The Rise of Product-Led Growth

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