Make the most out of your Onboarding strategy!

We put together the best practices from 50+ leading SaaS organizations to deliver a Product-Led onboarding framework that will help you skyrocket your PLG levels.

Care to learn more? Claim your free copy & get a free PLG workshop session.

What you will find inside:

  • Traditional Onboarding Audit: What you need to consider when you conduct a traditional onboarding SWOT analysis (with examples)
  • Product-Led Onboarding: Metrics & touchpoints that you need to assess & categorize per customer lifecycle stage
  • Onboarding Ownership: Define which teams should be held accountable and why.
  • Product-Led Onboarding Prerequisites:  A detailed step by step analysis on how to (a) Achieve in-product segmentation per customer lifecycle stage, user role & use case. (b) Expand onboarding prevalence beyond TOFU (c) Establish the Product Onboarding Efficiency framework on activation, retention, expansion.

Who should attend the free workshop?

  • Product Managers in charge of product onboarding.
  • Customer Success Managers handling daily demanding customer requests
  • Sales or BDR representatives looking forward to streamlining their PQL criteria and reachout.
  • Product Marketers managing GTM messaging, positioning and launches.

What else you need to know:

  1. The workshop’s duration is up to 60 mins.
  2. Each workshop can have up to five attendees.
  3. All timeslots should be booked with a week’s notice.
Despina Exadaktylou

Despina Exadaktylou

Experienced Product-Led Growth consultant and founder of ReinventGrowth, enabling SaaS businesses to implement & scale their Product-Led Growth strategies.

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