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Dec 17 2019

Product-Led Growth Webinar | Product-Led Onboarding

As Product-Led Growth is rising, onboarding prevalence becomes a data-driven force, driving accounts down the customer lifecycle.

Travis Kaufman VP Product Growth at Gainsight, will explain why Product data, context of usage, infinite in-app experimentation and ownership is just some of the considerations internal organizations need to consider when striving to optimize onboarding ROI.

Webinar’s agenda

  • What organizations need to consider when they onboard end-users at scale
  • Why data-driven engagements, context of usage & experimentation should follow onboarding delivery
  • The Product-Led Growth metrics organizations should be aware of throughout the customer lifecycle
  • How important it is to define onboarding ownership
  • High-touch vs. high-tech onboarding touchpoints optimization
  • Top considerations when internal organizations need to assess Product-Led Onboarding ROI

About the speaker

Travis is the VP of Product Growth at Gainsight, leading the delivery of product-led growth strategies for Gainsight PX, the Product Experience Platform. Prior to joining Gainsight through the acquisition of Aptrinsic (now Gainsight PX), Travis held leadership roles in marketing, product, and engineering at companies including Marketo, Leadspace and E*Trade Financial. He keeps himself busy chasing his three kids and coaching youth sports.

Who should attend

  • Product Managers in charge of product onboarding.
  • Sales or BDR representatives looking forward to streamlining their PQL criteria and reachout.
  • Product Marketers managing GTM messaging, positioning and launches.
  • Any member of your product growth team

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