Product-Led Hub Conference

The 1st European Product-Led Summit

Learn how to transform your product to a growth engine that will acquire, retain, and expand your customer base.

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At ReinventGrowth we believe that Product-Led is the future of SaaS and this is why we are proud supporters of the 1st European Product-Led conference. The  Product-Led Hub is kicking off November 24, 2019 at Zappeion Megaron in Athens, Greece under the auspice of ECDM Expo 2019 and and will have a great lineup of sessions and product-obsessed speakers in-store, from Europe and beyond.

Join us for a one-day summit that brings together experts from leading organizations to inspire the Product-Led movement.


To address the competing set of strategies organizations can adopt when making the transition to a Product-Led GTM model and successfully inspire & educate product-driven professionals.


The conference’s speakers will constitute a range of executives from a variety of occupations. Indicative speakers can be Founders, Venture Capitalists, Product & Customer facing practitioners willing to share their valuable insights with the community.

Networking Opportunities

The event is a unique opportunity to engage with remarkable product-driven practitioners across Europe and learn firsthand the best practices around Product-Led Growth.

Product-Led Hub Agenda

The conference’s agenda will thoroughly explore what being Product-Led means for organizations and how this strategy can help businesses’ growth and long-term prosperity. The series of sessions will go through the short and long term effects Product-Led transformation entails and the steps that need to be taken from organizations to achieve that.

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The Product-Led Hub Conference will be held at Zappeion Megaron & Conference Hall, one of Athens’ greatest historical venues located next to the Parliament building, & Syntagma Square.

Address: Zappeion Megaro, Vas. Olgas Ave., 105 57, Athens, Greece

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