Product Led Experience: The Evaluation Framework Behind

Via The Lens Of Data-Driven Guidance

In the 1st part of our extensive Product Led Growth research, based on the learnings of 40 Saas organizations, we analyzed the emerging importance of Product Led Onboarding.  According to our analysis, 35% of our participants consider PQLs metrics in their onboarding evaluations. But is there a systemic framework to evaluate product led experience end-to-end? We strongly believe there is.

As Product Led practices emerge, businesses need to fall the weight of responsibility on internal teams’ shoulders. Silos abandonment, following a product led GTM approach, makes very clear one thing. Customer experience does not have a single owner. But it is rather compiled by the sum of touchpoints that originate and end up to the product itself.

Sales practitioners need to close deals reflecting on organizations’ vision. Product leaders need to deliver calculated results. Customer Success needs to be proactive and educate at scale. We may think that we are in a transitioning era. But the truth is Product-Led practices have already sow their seeds. They spread like wildfire and their profound influence pass a very clear message. SaaS organizations need to either evolve by delivering a customer-centric product approach or become obsolete.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn firsthand how product led experience can be assessed, yield better results, and defined via the lens of product led onboarding practices.

We show you how to drive Product Experiences by analyzing:

  • Product Onboarding Efficiency (POE): A systemic framework internal teams can put to work when assessing product experiences.
  • Real examples from Product-Led Organizations like Gainsight PX, Drift, Userlane, Yesware & Hubspot.
  • Product OQLs (product onboarding leads) as a concept, a term we introduced to better monitor prospects’ behavior.
  • Unique formulas to assess Team activation (Breadth of use), Adoption (Depth of use), Efficiency of Use & Reactivation (Frequency of Use)
  • And more!

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