Defining Customer Experience in SaaS

The disruptive SaaS ecosystem is gradually overtaking the digital world. We live in an era where nearly everything is managed from the comfort of our screens. Consumerization further embraces this notion by encouraging the delivery of flawless product experiences in B2B too and elevating the product as the main growth lever.  The emerging Product-Led GTM practices only support that direction but not without bringing additional complexity to existing internal procedures.

Product management is now in the foreground, addressing every step of the customer journey by following roadmaps’ inputs and multiple releases. Product data can pinpoint roadblocks and product delights. Those changes, force internal teams to adopt a more quantitative, customer-centric approach which becomes the single source of truth across an entire organization. That shift makes the greatest challenge following a Product-Led strategy the repositioning of customer experience itself. 

Some of the key points we analyze entail:

  • What factors define customer experience?
  • Who owns the reins of customer experience on every stage of the customer journey?
  • How can the product eliminate the experience gap by reinforcing the buyer-vendor relationship?
  • How can internal organizations achieve cross alignment?

Those will be just some of the questions we answer, with the hope that you can put those learnings to work and adjust them to your value proposition.

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