How Product-Led Growth redefines customer experience

Customer experience is the one opportunity SaaS organizations need to capitalize upon, to reduce churn and increase ROI. This outcome, however, takes its toll. Especially now that Product Led Growth is on the rise. Where does customer experience meet product experience? Where do they align? How can the product fill the gap humans leave behind and reinforce the buyer-vendor relationship?

These are some of the questions we will answer. Always with the hope that you can put those learnings to work and adjust them to your value proposition.

What you will find inside:

  • What factors define customer experience?
  • Who owns the reins of customer experience on every stage of the customer journey?
  • How can the product eliminate value gaps by reinforcing the buyer-vendor relationship?
  • How can internal organizations achieve cross alignment

Who does it concern?

  • Product Managers in charge of product onboarding.
  • Customer Success Managers handling daily demanding customer requests
  • Sales or BDR representatives looking forward to streamlining their PQL criteria and reachout.
  • Product Marketers managing GTM messaging, positioning and launches.
How-Product-Led-Growth Redefines Customer Experience